Bahunthan – Hamro Ramailo Thau


Bahunthan widely famous among the people of Waling, Syangja is a perfect place to visit for short hike and camping. The view of Waling Smart City from Bahunthan is spectacular.

Bahunthan Above Clouds
Bahunthan Above Clouds Pic by @robinranamgr

When I think of the last careless fun year 2018 when there was no lockdown with no social distancing. We flock above onto our favorite place Bahunthan more like a migrating bird with every group of people. That’s so true, which stands at our own beautiful city “Waling” in Nepal.

View of Waling City from Bahunthan
View of Waling City from Bahunthan

We need no specific reason to be there. Sometimes we hike, sometimes we drove or there are times to climb up to those serene friendly mountains for silly bag packing and camping. Talking about the altitude it’s about 900 meters from sea level isn’t that enough to be amazed that how nature helps us to reach from their complimenting whitish-green land to up above the beautiful shiny and bluish sky.

Bahunthan Panoramic View
Bahunthan Panoramic View Pic by @robinranamgr

A perfect picnic spot or a morning hiking place, It has not only won the Walingian people but also the neighboring town of Waling, not to mention that breeze up there is so known and comfortable that it sounds not less than your Mamu’s lullaby.
That place has uncountable stories held in there as unspoken secrets.
That peak of the mountain holds everyone’s happiness giggles and showers the same to every next person who goes there. That place is more like a father – tall proud and protective for their children or visitors. Moreover, I feel proud because it gives the inexpressible feeling of patriotism as on top of this hill our beautiful national Flag speaks loudly disciplined – to be loved and to be in peace.

This is how I elaborate on my friendly place Bahunthan in my depiction.
How about yours?
A warm welcome ? to Nepal.

Annapurna Range View From Bahunthan
Annapurna Range View From Bahunthan

How to get to Bahunthan

There are many routes to get there. The famous one is by road which is a 20-30 min ride from Waling city.

Head towards the Waling Mode and ride towards Mirdi Pool and follow the off-road till you reach the top of the Bahunthan. Also, you can take an auto-rickshaw from Waling.

Update – Most part of the road to Bahunthan is pitched recently by Waling Municipality.

The other way is to hike up to Bahunthan hill from Waling bazaar. The hike will take you around 1 or 2 hours depending on your walking speed.

Difficulty: Moderate

There are many hiking routes ranging from Parbat Pool, Bhu Pu Sainik Jholungey Pool. The above mentioned are the most famous routes for hiking.

Lone Tree of Bahunthan
Lone Tree of Bahunthan Pic by @robinranamgr

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Feature image credit goes to Waling Photographer.

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