Long Ke Wan Beach

Long Ke Wan or Long Ke beach is in Sai Kung district of New Territories, Hong Kong. Basically it’s bay in the volcanic rocks of Hong Kong’s geopark. There are number of beautiful beaches in Sai Kung district of Hong kong.


Long Ke Wan beach is famous for its white sands and crystal clear blue water. I was so amazed and shocked when I visited this beach and was not believing the fact that beautiful beaches like this also existed here in HK. It will also give you the slight vibes of beautiful beaches of South East Asian countries.

Long Ke Wan Beach Ariel View
Long Ke Wan Beach Ariel View
Long Ke Wan Beach Birds Eye View
Long Ke Wan Beach Birds Eye View

How to get to long ke wan beach

The beach is very far from major parts of Hong Kong so traveling time will be much higher. It will take you almost 3 hours if you are traveling from Yuen Long or Lantau Island. There several ways to reach here like Bus, Taxi, MTR, or personal vehicle.


Taking a taxi from your location will be the easiest mode of transportation but keep in mind taxi fare will be high according to your location’s distance from the beach.

Taking a taxi from Sai Kung Pier is a good option. A taxi ride from Sai Kung Pier will cost you around 120HKD and it will take almost 30 minutes to reach your destination.

Note:- Taxi will drop you at East Dam side of the High Island Reservoir. From there you have to hike about 20-30 minutes to reach the beach.

TIP:- If you are planning to return late at night from the beach or you want to take a taxi while returning then please book the taxi in advance. Ask the taxi driver who drops you to pick you from there according to your desired time.


Since the beach is so far away from the city in Sai Kung East Country Park there is no MTR station near to the beach. There are two options for you. Diamond Hill Station or Choi Hung Station but I will suggest you to get down at Diamond Hill Station and take a bus from there.

Bus 92 will take you to Sai Kung Pier / Sai Kung Bus Terminal. It will take around 30-40 minutes to reach there from Diamond Hill Bus terminal.

You can also take bus 96R which operates only on Sunday and Public Holidays. Instead of Sai Kung Bus Terminal, this bus will take you all the way to Pak Tam Road from there you have to take a taxi to East Dam Side of the High Island Reservoir or you can hike 2-3 hours to reach the beach.

You can also consider minibus 1A from Choi Hung Public Transport Interchange in Sze Mei Street which is also near to Diamond Hill MTR Station. This minibus will drop you at Sai Kung Bus Terminal.

If you are taking an MTR, Bus, or Minibus you will ultimately land at Sai Kung Pier/ Sai Kung Bus Terminal. Minibus 9 operates from here but it will drop you at Pak Tam Road so I will not suggest taking minibus 9. Instead, you can take a taxi or a speed boat from Sai Kung Pier.

Speed Boat

Speed boat from Sai Kung Pier is the fastest and most efficient way to reach Long Ke Wan beach. One way ticket per person will cost 100HKD to 150HKD and the price fluctuates according to the demand and season. There are several boat service counter along the Pier you can book your ticket from any one of them. It is advised to get a round way ticket so that you don’t have to wait for the taxi while returning from the beach.

TIP:- It is as speedy as it sounds so if you have any fear with the speed or if you have any back pain or you are pregnant then this is not for you because the boat ride gets bumpy when it is on full throttle.

Taxi Stand East Dam Side
Ariel View of Taxi Stand East Dam Side

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